What are bonuses in bookmakers and how to get them?

What are bonuses in bookmakers and how to get them?

Often newcomers to bookmakers, and not only newcomers, in fact, come across such a concept as “bonuses in the BC”. The term seems to be understandable, the bonus is an encouragement, and what the promotion consists of, the players do not know. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the bonuses of bookmakers.

Indeed, a bonus is an encouragement from a bookmaker in favor of a player. Bonus – a marketing move, a way to attract a player to the office, on favorable terms. In the end, both parties are satisfied: the bookmaker receives a new client (in a particular case), the player receives some kind of encouragement. Anyone can use the bonus from the bookmaker, whether he is a new player (a bonus during registration) or an experienced bettor, an active player.

For regular players, of course, bookmakers also periodically hold promotions in order to please their customers. You need to make a reservation right away, there is nothing wrong with the bonus offers themselves, there are no tricks and pitfalls, however, you need to carefully read the conditions of such rewards. In the conditions of granting a bonus, all the necessary information will be written, which must be read, in order to avoid the “five rubles” eye in the future. Nothing just happens and is not given. You need to understand that the bookmaker is also looking for its benefits from the provided bonus, therefore, having received it, you will have to fulfill a number of conditions. The office cannot afford to pay, say, cash bonuses to everyone, and then just let it go. In this case, the players will receive “easy money” and leave the bookmaker. That is why there are some conditions for providing a bonus, or the conditions for withdrawing the bonus money.

What can a player receive a bonus face:

He will have to clear the bonus by making several bets (usually one, but sometimes two or three, or a certain amount will be negotiated, which will have to be bet).
The bookmaker may require you to place bets with a certain coefficient (for example, not lower than 1.5).
The bookmaker may ask you to bet on certain events, which, however, is extremely rare.
It happens that the bookmaker asks to fulfill immediately the first and second points. That is, the player will have to place three bets with a coefficient of at least 1.5.
Of course, you need to realize that the “sweeter”, the more attractive and generous the bonus, the more the bookmaker may require you to withdraw and the tougher the conditions. Our opinion on this subject is as follows: we believe that this is quite fair. Players are looking for BC with a bonus at registration – they get it. The bookmaker is looking for new customers – he receives them, and he immediately informs in the rules that the bonus will need to be won back. And this is done, after all, still in order to protect itself from bonus hunters (bonus hunters). There are those who are looking for a BC with a bonus when registering without a deposit, moreover, wanting to get exactly a cash bonus. Well, this is just an extreme measure of arrogance. The most important thing to understand is that in any case you don’t lose anything, and bonuses are not dangerous for you. You can accept them, but you can not accept them.

However, bonuses from bookmakers are very different, and not necessarily as a reward, you will receive crediting funds to the account. We list the most popular types of bonuses from bookmakers: cash bonus, money back / refund, free bet. Let us dwell on these offers from the bookmaker, although there are other types of bonuses, for example, various gifts (laptops, iPhones, various gadgets).

Cash bonus
The cash bonus from the bookmaker is most often received by new office players. If you see the offer “Cash bonus to new players”, you can be sure that the first time you register in this office (repeated bans), the so-called “welcome bonus” will be credited to your account. The size of such a “hello” will directly depend on your first deposit. Most often, bookmakers offer 100% on their first deposit, but there is a reservation that the amount of the incentive will not exceed, say, 5000 rubles. This means that after registering in BC and entering the amount of 3,000 rubles, an additional 3,000 rubles will be credited to your account.