Is it possible to earn money by betting on sports in bookmakers?

Is it possible to earn money by betting on sports in bookmakers?

Many beginning players of bookmakers, or people who just want to try to monetize their knowledge in the field of sports, are interested in the question: “Is it possible to earn money by betting on sports?”. In this article, we will try to answer your questions, as well as without embellishment to talk about whether it is possible to turn sports betting into a highly profitable business.

Earnings on bets in betting shops is not an easy task. Frankly, it’s not everyone who is given stable money to bet, and it’s not a fact that you are an exceptional person. For most people, betting in bookmakers is a hobby, a source of adrenaline, and some are just more interested in watching a match when money is at stake. However, there is a category of players for whom sports betting has become a means of stable earnings, they are called professional betters. According to unconfirmed reports, there are few such players, only 2-3% of the total number of clients of bookmakers around the world. Profits of professionals depend on many factors, but, again, according to unconfirmed reports, such players earn about 60-80% of the initial bank per season. For example, the season in the National Hockey League lasts about eight months, which means that the professional player’s earnings for eight months, with an initial account balance of $ 10,000, will be approximately $ 6,000 – $ 8,000. Who’s stopping you from becoming one of these 2-3% lucky ones?

Therefore, the answer to the question “is it possible to earn a living by betting on sports” will be – YES POSSIBLE!

If you still decide to try professional betting, prepare for the fact that you are likely to fail. If you are a gambler, not a genius of mathematics, or not a grandson of Vanga, then turning bets into a means of earning will be on the brink of fantasy for you.

Many players who are already clients of bookmakers are furious when they hear that it is unrealistic to make money in BC. Their indignation is not entirely clear, because such indignant not only play on penny amounts, they also always lose. It will be more accurate to say that these people do not have stable earnings on bets, but only occasionally fall into a success streak, and can even perform, as they themselves believe, a real feat by winning a thousand rubles from three hundred. As a result, they still merge everything, if not the next day, then in a week, a month, two. Such players are “non-plus”, and at a long distance is either in the big minus or at zero.

There are resources on the Internet that claim that it’s impossible to profit stably from sports betting, and this is just entertainment. Meanwhile, there are resources that claim the opposite. According to such sites, sports betting can be profitable, and not small. There are still resources that sell sports predictions, but they do not even want to consider them. Not only do these predictions of gullible newcomers do not do richer, but they are also driven into minuses. The person who bought the forecast, or a subscription for a whole month, does not even have time to return the money spent on the purchase of this subscription. The fact that professionals better earns in eight months, these “craftsmen” earn in 30 days. Well, isn’t it funny?

We can not agree with either the first or the second type of sites, although in some ways each of them is right. You can earn on sports betting, another question is whether these earnings will be stable and whether it will be so big. In addition, there are already so many factors that affect the income from bets, well, at least the initial bank and the game strategy. If you do not have a large game bank, and even play without a strategy, then most likely fail. Some resources claim that winning on bets is prevented by the margin laid by the bookmaker in the line. You must clearly understand that this is complete nonsense, the margin will not affect the outcome of the event in any way. Long-distance bookmaker margin allows the bookmaker to minimize his risks, otherwise, how would the office earn money?

Consider a small example. The coin has two sides – the eagle and the tails. Throwing a coin 10 times, the eagle can fall 5 times, 8 times, and 4 times – this is a short distance. Over a long distance, the number of tosses tends to infinity, and the number of heads or tails to fall will be about 50 to 50. There is no point arguing about this, you need to accept this as an axiom. If the odds that the bookmaker gives were always 2.0 and 2.0, then, in theory, at a long distance, neither you nor he would receive any profit. Therefore, the margin is laid in the coefficients, and then they will be, say 1.90 and 2.0. Take a distance of 20 bets, of which 10 you lose and 10 wins. For the number of bets, we take for convenience 100 rubles. So, having won 10 bets of 100 rubles each with a coefficient of 1.90, you will earn 1,900 rubles, with a net income of 900 rubles. Now let’s calculate if you lost 10 bets of 100 rubles each: 100 X 10 = 1000.

What we have: for 10 winning bets you earned net 900 rubles but lost 1000. These are exactly the 100 rubles that the bookmaker earned, and you lost those 100 rubles at 50% passability, although ideally, you have a draw in disputes.

Having examined the example, it becomes clear that the margin does not affect the result of events, it prevents you from earning over a long distance. The only thing that can be done is to take overestimated coefficients, and strictly from 2.0, and this does not guarantee you success.

“Well, then, how do professionals earn money?”, You ask. Answer: they look for “value bets”, put “forks”, play not with “flat” and its variations, but with “catch” and its improved forms.

Many players for some reason are convinced that if you treat bets as a business, then success will certainly come. I wonder how they imagine it, and what do they mean by the word “business”? It is at the bookmaker that bets are business, and for the overwhelming majority of players – “I spin, I want to win!”. The bookmaker, at the expense of margin, will make a profit regardless of whether your bet will pass or not. Your bet has passed, but a hundred other players do not, that’s all the math. The bookmaker in this dispute almost does not risk anything, you risk blood.

So to summarize. You can win at sports betting, but stable earnings at sports betting are rather dubious and ambiguous. Earn on bets in betting shops, only 2-3% of players all over the world. You can only find out if you can become one of these lucky ones. To begin your betting path, you must first learn all the intricacies of the game in the bookmaker, learn about all the pitfalls, choose a reliable bookmaker and collect a good bank. And remember, betting at bookmakers is not your last hope for becoming a successful person and making a great fortune. Good luck!