Caution - Ludomania! What is it and how to deal with it?

Caution – Ludomania! What is it and how to deal with it?

Sports events are increasingly becoming part of people’s daily lives. The broadcasts of the World Cup in football and hockey, the Olympic Games, the Champions League draws and much more gather a multimillion audience from television screens. For some, this is just a pleasant pastime, but some try to combine the pleasant with the useful, putting real money on one or another team (athlete) in the bookmakers. Of course, it’s damn nice to be glad for the victory of those you support, and at the same time earn money, but this does not always happen.

More and more people fall into a real gaming addiction, and can no longer live without bets. Ludomania is a pathological addiction to gambling. For a person suffering from such an ailment, the excitement becomes paramount, everything else, including family, friends, work, go by the wayside. The reasons that can affect the occurrence of addiction are quite a lot, this is the desire to earn easy money, and the desire to get a dose of adrenaline, and just a way to get distracted. Even if you bet 100 rubles, this does not guarantee that you have nothing to fear, because losing such an amount at first glance seems insignificant, but it is not. Often starting with small amounts, people increase the size of bets over time. Here and the desire to win back the loss, if any, and the gradual addition, that is, a small amount no longer brings the usual sensations, I want more.

The problem is not how wide your financial possibilities are (no matter how much money you can lose anyway), but whether you are able to stop. Try to take your mind off the bets for a few days, not because your account has “lost weight”, but in order to check whether you are able to switch to something else, without feeling the urge to drop everything and be sure to put it on something. Ask yourself if you have any other activity than sports betting. If you calmly manage without a game in the bookmaker, you can occupy yourself with something else, and at the same time do not lose tangible funds, then you need not worry. But if this is not so, then you should think about what will happen next?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a special test to determine gambling addiction:
Have you had situations over the past year in which gambling is often distracted from work, school or other duties?
Did gambling cause you to quarrel with family, friends, work colleagues?
Do you hide from friends and family the amount of time spent on gambling?
Have you ever had a situation where you said that your bet passed, although, in reality, it turned out to be a losing one?
Have you experienced periods over the past year during which you thought a lot of time about gambling, instead of thinking about things that were mandatory at that time?
Have you ever had to spend a lot of time over the past year planning your bets, studying odds, instead of tackling things you need to do?
Have you increased your bid amount to give yourself the same pleasure as before?
Did you play gambling just to improve your mood?
Have you used gambling over the past year to avoid any problems, or to stop thinking about something?
How often do you return to bets literally the very next day to win back the loss of the previous one?
Have you ever had situations when you tried to repay your gambling debt by re-playing?
Did you go to violate the law to get money to continue gambling?
Over the past year, have you had to regularly take money from relatives or friends for gambling or to pay for an existing game debt?
Did you have such a strong desire to bet that you could not think of anything else?
Have you broken your own word to no longer play, or not to bet more than a certain amount?
How many serious attempts at all to stop gambling at all, or did you pay less in your life?
If answering these questions, you answered YES 5 times or more, then you should give up gambling for good.

A few examples of what excessive gambling addiction can lead to:

In the Indian village of Krishnapur Burial, located near the border with Bangladesh, a glaring incident occurred. A local resident lost his own 13-year-old daughter. According to the conditions of the dispute, the winner took her as a wife, but she is half the age of the groom. Local social services took all possible steps to prevent such a marriage because according to Indian law the extradition of marriage to a minor is punishable by criminal liability.