lukaku kane
Google’s searching curve might be an odd one, more so that when you search about Harry Kane on the multi-national engine, the system suggests reading about Romelu Lukaku. At Everton, despite scoring a butt load of goals, Lukaku would occasionally be taunted by his teammates over Harry Kane getting more.

Kane has been the premiere league’s top scorer for the last two seasons, and finished last season with 29 goals – four more than Lukaku’s 25 – understandably so, considering that the latter has been in a team with less pedigree in comparison to the former’s, something which could now change with the Belgian playing for Manchester United.

Of course, the pair are completely different players with completely different abilities, Kane for instance, is a way better finisher than Lukaku is, needing just 30 games to score his 29 league goals at the end of last season while Lukaku managed 25 in 37 games. Lukaku on the other hand is faster, stronger and can run past opposition defenders as if they were not there; like Cristiano Ronaldo, better than his counterpart in the air. already this season, four of Lukaku’s goals have come from his head.

The pair are similar in that they are primarily strikers with an insane appetite for goals. Kane’s midweek hat-trick put him on 9 goals so far this season while Lukaku’s brace took his tally to 10, both assisting a teammate once.

Lukaku may have never registered more goals in a season than Kane since he established himself in the Tottenham first team, but Lukaku is prepared for the challenge and also prepared to do a lot more for the team. Lukaku covers more ground in a match than Kane, identical to Ronaldo and Messi respectively.

Thierry Henry may think that Sergio Kun Aguero is the only “world class striker” in the premiere league, debatable, but the real delight for sure is the two of England’s hottest goal scorers.The duo are both at the tender age of 24 and have a long career ahead of them. Of course, Lukaku is finally in a better side than at Everton, with way better players around him so the Kane-Lukaku contention could only grow bigger and more fierce, one that could see them continue to go shoulder-to-shoulder, face-to-face and dominate world football for years to come like Messi and Ronaldo’s in Spain.