Vardy To Arsenal A ‘Desperate’ Gamble


With 24 goals under his belt, only second to Spurs’ Harry Kane in the just concluded season of the English premiere league, it is no surprise that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal are rushing for the decorated English striker Jamie Vardy. On the brink of becoming the second summer signing for the club, can’t help but wonder if the striker would be the right fit for the London based club.

Pressured by the need to sign a striker admitting that “we didn’t have anyone with 20 goals in the league and that’s a handicap”, Wenger might be rushing without revising his options carefully. Vardy will without a doubt provide goals and add a bit of an attacking threat in scintillating fashion for the gunners but not a replacement for Frenchman Olivier Giroud.

In comparison, the 29-year-old English man had a better goal conversion rate (25.8%) as opposed to Giroud’s (20%) and a better goal ratio of 130.9 and 151.1 respectively just goes to show that the difference between the two strikers is simply the similarity.

With all due respect to the commitment, dedication, hard work and passion that Vardy boasts he isn’t the world class player that Arsenal really need at this point, he seems to be more of a on form player that is bound to struggle with consistency like Swansea’s Spanish striker Michu, very clinical with an ability to produce special moments but very inconsistent.

At 29, he is Cavani’s age mate, a year older than both Real Madrid’s Benzema and Napoli’s Argentine striker Higuaín, all who are a better option considering their unquestionable talent and clinical abilities, however, it seems somewhat a bitter-sweet gamble since he will cost the gunners three or four times less in transfer fees without mentioning payments in wages and bonuses not forgetting Ian Wright who joined the club at 28 and managed to leave a legend as the consolation.

The biggest question is will Vardy fit and adapt well into Arsenal’s style of play which basically comprises of hold of play, keep possession as opposed to counter attacking that Leicester boasted, the style that saw him score 24 times?

Whether or not he succeeds at Arsenal once he signs for them will solely depend on time, as it stands Vardy to arsenal is a huge gamble similar to Van Persie to Manchester United, a move that showed desperate need to clinch the title, a sign of hope to the fans but only just.